Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thing 17.2: Harvesting the Bounty...

As you've all been exploring and playing with social web tools, you've been discovering and sharing things in your posts. I'd like to display some of the bounty of this harvest here in our ".2" Thing. In no particular order, here we go:

TripAdvisor review of Gino's East from Thunder and Consolation

Lonely Planet's podcast list, courtesy Carin

The UMass Lowell Sunrise Radio podcasts from Joanne G

Deutsche Welle's German-language podcasts from Amanda

The No Show archives, featuring Steve Post, courtesy Beatrice

Nancy V introduced us to Peerflix, a neat combination of LibraryThing and BookMooch (a book swapping site), but for DVDs

From Mary Librarian, we have two more media cataloging and sharing sites: and LitLovers

New items RSS feeds from MIT Libraries, an awesome illustration of 2.0 in action from Saraphine

With only a day left to the election, a quick browse through 538 might be a good way to pass some nerve-wracking hours. Thanks, Dave G!

Susan V gives us another spot to indulge ourselves: LuckyScent, an online perfumerie. I note the Hello Kitty fragrance with glee.

Five Limes is a reviewing site for sustainable living choices, from Ms. ReadAlot

Joanne L showcased Stephen Colbert on Libraries

Karrie highlighted podcasts for Spanish lessons, a resource I'll be putting to use soon

B's Grrrl gives us to facilitate community-based travel

Need a good laugh? Try Comedy Central's random joke generator, courtesy Chris N

Also on the language-learning tack, Olga offers us Freelanguage -- language-learning materials from around the globe

Lauren points out one of my favorite webcomics: Unshelved

New England Arts points us to Dilettante Music, a community for classical music lovers of all stripes

For a taste of Chicago Public Radio, check out This American Life, from Millie G

Clayton points out that the Queens Library is using AquaBrowser with its OPAC to give their patrons a different way to search for materials

Librarians to the Rescue!, courtesy of Pia

And, finally, StayingWithIt brings us a Slideshare presentation on revaluing your time

Thank you for sharing, everyone. As a few of you have pointed out in your posts, one of the primary goals of all of this user-created content is to share neat stuff with everyone you know.

Discovery Activity:
Follow one of the links above and write a post about what you find there.

That's it for this week. Stay tuned for next week's continued focus on collaboration with Thing 18: Vini Vidi Wiki?

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